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ITsolutions Services

This is the business sector involved in the application.

This service is for developing core systems, web systems, web contents, and application software for businesses. These are made-to-order while placing importance on the perspective of our valuable customers and users.

  • System Consulting

    We will analyze your current status from the perspective of management strategy for business operations and practical work. Additionally, we will analyze the current system’s bottleneck which should be resolved. Based on these analyses and your viewpoint, we will provide a proposal for developing a system to increase your company’s business performance and operational efficiency.

  • WEB system construction and program development

    We provide integrated support from system proposals to its operations. Additionally, we build optimal systems while combining state of the art application software run on Linux and UNIX, and provide support in introducing all open source software, including PostgreSQL and MySQL.

  • Database construction consulting

    While seeking optimal performance with minimal costs, we can provide proposals for large databases using commercial database software, as well as small to medium databases with high stability at a low cost. Additionally, we ensure high availability, high scalability and high security with database servers using Oracle in particular.

  • System operational support

    After introducing a system, functional enhancements and responding to impediments are essential to actual operation. No matter what issues arise, our company will provide comprehensive support ranging from hardware to middleware and developed applications.